7 Reasons People Leave Your Optometry Website


by Hooman Hasani

July 11, 2018

Optometry is an evergreen business for centuries now, and in today’s modern world things are slightly different now but great. Optometrists are earning thousands of dollars a month with their practice through the internet. If you are reading this article you probably have your practice website running by now and you want to maximize the profits.

Let’s Begin

Optometry or any medical practice relies on patients, and your site must have all the ingredients to keep your visitors interested in it. If a visitor stays on your site for more than two minutes it is considered exceptional metric. Google Analytics is the tool that can help you get your stats.

So, how to make your optometry website great again?

Well before you continue to read you should know we are going to discuss only the pitfalls you should avoid. Issues like your customers won’t stay long on your practice website or they leave without booking an appointment. We will be talking about solutions to these pitfalls. Please read our marketing ideas to make your optometry website great again.

The Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

Let’s discuss the common snags you need to avoid when creating or redesigning your website. They are simple, very easy to understand and can apply not only to optometry but any practice.

1- Your Site Is Hard To Read

People have no time to focus on something that they find hard to understand.  Same is with your optometry website, if your site has not been redesigned in a few years, get moving and make it modern.

Explain modern?

Compared to 5 or 10 years ago, today’s websites are a lot different, especially medical practice websites. Modern web designs should be clean, simple, “fresh” and minimalistic. I emphasized on “fresh” because as an optometrist, you are in a field where you must convey that you are up-to-date with technology.

2- Your Site Is Hard To Understand.

No doubt your turf is full of technical jargon that only experienced optometrists can grasp but it also makes hard to understand for your patients. Make sure your optometry website uses simple language that simply and clearly describes the benefits of working with your practice.

Here is a quick tip

A marketing professional can be really helpful in fleshing out jargons from content and ensuring that the wording is relevant, compelling and easy to understand by your visitors.

3- Your Site Is Hard To Navigate.

Navigation is a first priority and very important one. The easy it is to access the website with proper navigation the more traffic you will see. Your practice website’s navigation structure should be intuitive and simple, with a few clicks as possible to reach a given destination.

Does your site have everything it should have? Read our article about “Things Every Optometry Website Needs” to understand what optometry site must have.

4- Your website is lacking calls to action

Your site must have sufficient calls to action, which invite customers to further explore your services online. Many of your customers, particularly the potential ones are conducting all of their research online before making the call to book an appointment. It will be a great plus point if they don’t have to make the call. Instead with a beautifully placed call to actions (CTA’s), they should click through to a “make an appointment” option and schedule online and then click-through an address to program their GPS.

5- Your site response times are too slow

Your visitors need fast response times, nobody like to wait for your site to load up. This usually happens with sites has heavy graphics or it can be a technical fault. If the site takes time to load or it is hard to navigate, visitors will go elsewhere. The solution lies in optimization, if you use page builder or slider or massive plugins, try to reduce the number of faulty ones. There are many plugins for speeding up your site’s loading speed or you can hire an expert to do this dirty work.

6- Mobile-Friendliness

Did you consider mobile friendliness when designing your optometry site? Healthcare websites must have a mobile-friendly version because patients normally prefer phone for searching for nearby practice. Mobile friendliness is all about adjusting buttons, fonts, and themes that run well on smartphones and tablets. Using auto-resizable bars and readable fonts you can optimize your site for mobile. We have written a detailed article about making your optometry website mobile friendly and modern, it is worth reading.

7- Content Management

Content should be updated; this includes all your physician and staff information and blog. As an optometrist, your site must be all about eye care. Besides making an appointment or buying eye wear, customers also search for sites to read and learn. Adding a blog on the website is crucial to rank on top. Google love articles especially the long ones say 1000 words. This benefits you by making visitors stay longer on your site. Updating your site whenever you make a change is necessary.


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