How to Increase Bookings Using Your Optometry Website?


by Hooman Hasani

July 2, 2018

Anyone can make a website but the real work lies in getting prospective patients to find your practice more easily online. For that, you need to improve your website to promote your brand and increase customers.

It’s all about turning searches into customers

In order to turn searchers into customers, you need conversion marketing. It is a combination of tactics to encourage people to take an action that will convert them into a customer. Let’s see how optometrists can use conversion marketing to increase appointment bookings at their practices.

But First

What is a conversion? As mentioned above, conversion is about getting a customer to perform the desired action. Different actions are desired for different businesses e.g. for a cloth seller, this involves buying a piece of cloth. And for an optometrist, you are looking for prospective patients to book an appointment.

Simply Put

Conversion marketing is less about advertisement and more about making things easier for patients to reach you and book appointments.  If starting from scratch, to make your optometry website a perfect asset, you can learn valuable methods in our article about Optometry Marketing Ideas. Already have a perfect website? Read these ideas to increase bookings using your optometry practice website.

Use Action-Oriented Language

Every word on your website should call for an action. You should be at your best when it comes to communicating with your customers. Action-oriented language guides prospective customer exactly what to do. For example, if the patient wants to schedule an appointment, your website must have straightforward directions. Action-Oriented Language makes clear to patients what is being asked of them and whether to take action or not.

Streamline Your Design with a Prominent CTA

The most important step in conversion marketing is to create a CTA. It stands for the call to action and it is necessary for you to remember that streamlined pages are more likely to increase conversions than bulky designs.

All you need is a CTA Button

Design a CTA button that will draw people into your website. Make sure it is prominently placed on the page, has a large size, and draw the eye to it.

A Prominent CTA

Your CTA must be brightly colored and placed in the center of the homepage. So when someone comes to your practice website for the first time, they quickly see the action ‘Book Online’ and can easily navigate to it.

A Quick Tip

Google gives local businesses an opportunity to showcase call to action in their Google My Business listings. This helps visitors call you or make an appointment directly from maps without searching your site.

Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

Your visitors are smart people; they need convincing evidence than refined language and design.  What can be more evident than your patient reviews? People love to leave reviews, and showing this on your website is seen as a plus point by potential customers.

Spend Time On Social Media

Since optometry practice heavily relies on local customers so besides making changes on your site, you can do advertisement through social media. Local advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can significantly affect bookings. Linking your posts to your blog or offering special coupon discounts on eye-wear and checkup can lure local potential customers.

Hire an expert

An expert can point out the flaws in your systems and help you solve them. You can also contact us, we are a team of experts who have special experience in marketing and optimizing optometry websites. Or you can always read our helpful articles and guides on tricks and tips to market and manage optometry website.


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