Before we share some secrets of optometry marketing ideas let’s see what other think of optometry, the business of eyes. Surely it is an evergreen business which is never out of fashion.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “vision problems tend to occur more frequently later in life, an aging population will require more optometrists as it grows”. Click To Tweet

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “vision problems tend to occur more frequently later in life, an aging population will require more optometrists as it grows”. Furthermore, no business is a good business if it doesn’t have a marketing plan. In this era when everything is on the internet, without online basics, your business is not going to succeed.

Online Vs. Real Life

Same goes for your optometry practice, there is an increasing pressure on the retail side in optometry business, and people are buying contacts and glasses online and not directly from the optometrist. The question is why?

  • It’s easy to order online
  • The product arrives at your doorstep.
  • There is a huge collection to choose from top Optometry web sites.

If you see your patient list growing but the sales remain same, you need to take some measures to promote your practice. It is not only important but crucial to the success of your business to have an online presence, and in this guide, we have defined 10 important Optometry marketing ideas for everyone.

Online Presence Matters

Being online is among the top optometry marketing ideas. Think From your customer point of view, what will you do when you are referred by a friend to an optometrist? You look up on the internet about the particular place, see pictures of it, insurance details and most importantly read online reviews. The first impression is everything, new optometry business who is not on the internet may find hard to increase their sales.

–    Make a Website for Your Business

The first step to improve your online presence is to make a website. Furthermore if your website exists you should register your Optometry to Google Business. It’s not only free but also can be done in a few minutes with few strokes of clicks.

–    Google Business Can Help Your Optometry Business

There is a thing called ‘search term’, it not necessarily have to include your business name, but it can reveal your business to anyone searching if they type certain words on Google e.g.  “Optometrists in YOUR CITY”,” best glasses or contact lens in city”, “Nearby Eye Doctor” or any other term.

On Google Business a person can see the following thing about your business:

  • Location, customer reviews and photos of your office.
  • Accurate hours and appointment and staff information
  • Your phone number and other contact details

Is that all of optometry marketing ideas?

As we spoke earlier in this guide about optometry marketing ideas, optometry business is an evergreen business, means that you can increase its sales all year round but the competition is high. Almost every town, marketplace or popular tourist destination has at least one optometrist.  The better your online presence is the better chance of getting known. Getting on Google Business is merely a first step; there are several other sites that help you to grow. Sites like Yellow Book online, Bing businesses, Yelp, and much more can help.

Offer ‘Eye-Catching” Discounts

We will discuss improving your Optometry business’s online presence but first things first.

Developing business goals and marketing plans is a crucial step, and offering your customer a nice discount can help you boost your sales. Click To Tweet

Developing business goals and marketing plans is a crucial step, and offering your customer a nice discount can help you boost your sales.  If customers list is increasing, offer them a discount on your products, say 25% off on sunglasses. We all love sunglasses and buying them from an optometrist build a trust in customer’s eyes that he is buying from a trusted place and with a discount, who knows what happens. You can offer several types of discounts on products and services and that will help your competition. Make sure you mention about these discounts and vouchers on your website.

Create a Network

If you are a newbie in optometry, this should be your first marketing strategy, creating a network. It is important to get your self-recognized; it gives others a reason to say something nice about you and your practice. You should network with other doctors; other OD’s as well as Primary Care Doctors and pediatricians in your area. The better they know about you the better they are likely to send anyone your way.

Remember these three points when creating a network with others:

  • They should know who you are?
  • Where are you practice?
  • Why should they trust their patients with you?

Move with the Flow

All that glitters is not gold, but anything rusty and old is not worth selling as well. Marketing Optometry practice includes selling something which customer really like. Click To Tweet

All that glitters is not gold, but anything rusty and old is not worth selling as well. Marketing Optometry practice includes selling something which customer really like. Your equipment and frames should not be old otherwise your customers will assume that you’re falling behind. Keeping your business up to date and using most modern and cutting-edge equipment is a solution for greater profits and to give patients the most accurate and detailed results.

Frames, on the other hand, are the most important inventory for any optometry business; the more you sell the better your profits are. But are you moving with the flow?

Think of following questions when buying the inventory:

  • Is your inventory consists of high end, good quality frames?
  • Which frames are in fashion?
  • What region your optometry practice lies in?

How to Be Trendy?

The best place to look for trends is internet; this is where your competitors are getting information from. You will understand what changes your eye care website needs and how you can redesign it. Furthermore you can use the internet to learn more about trends and popular frames, this way you will always stay in fashion and your practice will flourish. There are a lot of great optometrist websites to look for. Learn from top optometry websites and look for others eye doctor website suggestions to improve your layout and style of your website.

Email Your Customers

Always ask your customer’s email address when they register with your practice. This way you can email them the reminders for their appointments and yearly checkups. Communication is the great way to increase your customer list but not every email means a reply. Furthermore Some people will reply some will not, you should email them with special discounts and other services.

Baits and Rewards

“Eye” is a favorite topic among many people, and you should develop a strategy that turns strangers into happy customers. A great Optometry marketing tip is to make your existing customers into referrals without them knowing. A referral program is a program which you initiate that makes your customer admires your practice to others by giving them the discount voucher, gas cards or other special bonuses.

Manage Your Online Reviews

Many customers leave a review about your place on review sites like Yahoo! Local, Google Plus and Yelp.

Make sure you reply to all positive feedbacks and apologize for the bad reviews and offer them discounts or something so when someone else read it, they know how much interested you are in their patients. Its all about engagement with audience, better the communication is the better your site will be

Optimize Your Optometry Website

If you think you are a local Optometrist and there is no need to go big, you are missing a great opportunity. Have you ever heard of SEO? It stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and it’s a great strategy for any business to go big. As discussed above, online presence is as important as actual presence, and if you don’t own a site, owns it today. There are some good health care website designs which you can search on the internet.

SEO is basically about arranging your material on a site so others can see it when searching for it. Who knows who is searching for “nearby best optometrist” on Google right now? Look for other eye care websites templates and their style and try to follow their footsteps. It may be hard to adopt an perfect optometry website design but gradually,with some hard work you can make it there.

Posting Content

Content on your site can help you engage many people. Many businesses are successful today because of their online marketing.

Adding quality written material can help you in following ways:

  • Increase in traffic and customer list.
  • Chance to sell your products online
  • Other websites can post your content by linking it to their site which also makes your website good in eyes of Google.
  • Your name will be on top when somebody will search ‘optometrist in the city’.
Try to solve people’s general questions about optometry by writing everything about it.

Keyword Research

There is a term called “keyword” which means a term searched by people on Google. A good writer always does keyword research before writing anything.

Understand this example first. Someone is looking for changing from contacts to glasses. They might search something like “best glasses” or “buy glasses”. But since these keywords are very competitive, and using these keywords won’t make anything good, you have to focus on Low Competition Keywords that are more specific in nature. Also known as long tail keywords, there are many sites which can get you these keywords. Sprinkling the keywords wisely in your post can improve the site ratings and if you have Google AdSense on your blog, you may earn a lot of money.


So you wrote an article or hired someone to write it and now you are posting it on your optometry website.

Check these following things before posting:

  • Is this article suitable for your optometry practice?
  • It is complete and not less than 300 words.
  • It is 100% original or plagiarized
  • Did writer use the tone of a teacher or a salesman?

Social Media Presence

Yes, it’s true; almost everybody is on social media. Similar to Google ranking, having a social recognition is crucial for the optometry practice. Optometry social media marketing is a fine strategy on if you know how to play the game. People like to see what you are offering; they may try your glasses if you present them well. Furthermore optometry social media marketing is a strategy that can help you generate profits and publicity as well.

Run A PPC Campaign

This is an effective kind of optometry marketing ideas, experts agree. PPC stands for Pay-per-click and it is a campaign you can start to advertise to potential customers/patients. Investing money in PPC campaign can help your business grow fast, only if you set up your campaign right. Set up your PPC campaign so your advertisement only displayed to certain people of a geographical area e.g. your ad can say “Optometrist in New York” or “Who sells Kate Spade Frame in Orlando?”

A Blog Can Help

Writing great blogs about optometry related articles can help and it can improve audience. It is one of good optometry marketing ideas. These blogs you write, can be shared through email and social media. Many great businesses write blogs daily and this way they engage to a large audience. Posting just written material is not enough, maybe it was enough in 2005 but now things are changed. People like to interact through media, videos, and pictures. As an optometrist, your blog should be related to optometry and if you lack writing capabilities, hire someone who can write. Freelancer is a great way to hire people online who can work for you, at very low rates.

Do you know?

A Good Blog can show people and Google how good you are in your field. There should be at least one or two media contents in your each post. Furthermore it is one of most crucial optometry marketing ideas.

Engage with people on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, share pictures of new glasses and contacts, and promote your special packages or seasonal discounts. Respond to their queries and accept their suggestions. Try to post new pictures and infographs related to optometry daily on your social media page to spread information. There is also other social media platform other than those mentioned above, you can try Quora, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Instagram, Snapchat and even 9Gag to spread your message. Personally searching content from Quora is among the effective optometry marketing ideas.

Wrapping It Up:

We discussed all optometry marketing ideas, so which are marketing tip and trick you liked the most? It is true there are some businesses that have a large social media audience are enjoying great profits. Following the footsteps of successful business may teach you how to go take your optometry business to next level.