The 19 Best WordPress Maintenance Services (Updated For 2019)


by Hooman Hasani

September 1, 2018

You don’t have to be a WordPress expert to manage your site. WordPress is easy to use and normally it works just fine. You may know all the tricks of SEO and how to get the traffic to your site but when it comes to WordPress maintenance, not everyone is good at it. Wordpress maintenance services include updating content, themes and plugins, removing malware and viruses, optimization and creating backups.

Why Maintain WordPress?

Why pay money to run a WordPress site if it is not working as smoothly as you like it to be? Problems occur when you fail to manage content and plugins. There are thousands of other issues that can arise and sometimes there is no solution other than calling for WordPress maintenance services.

Do You Know? According to a recent Website Hacked Trend Report, 70% of WordPress websites are vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

How To Choose the Best WordPress Service?

You will see many sites claiming to fix your all WordPress problems but a wise idea is to see what they are expert at. Some WordPress help services are good for small fixes and others are great at maintaining your website, fixing errors like downtime issues and slow speed.  The most important thing to see is what they are offering, at what price. Pricing plans are different for different WordPress maintenance services.

Let’s begin

Let’s see the world’s leading WordPress maintenance services and learn about their pricing, pros, cons and key features. Don’t just read the first name and apply for the fix, make sure you read the whole article because each company has something different to offer.

1- FixRunner

They are the most affordable WordPress paid support you can get on the Internet. Their team is well-known for optimizing WordPress to get the most out of hosting service and website. If you face downtime and bad performance, FixRunner is a WordPress support agency to call.

Best known for

  • Providing one-time fix of all issue as well as continued WordPress Support
  • Update Plugins and Content
  • Provide Cloud Backups
  • 24/7 Security
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Resolve Downtime issues  
  • Securely update WordPress and its content

Pricing Plans


$59 per month with 90 minutes support time and benefits like Email/Chat Support, speed optimization, Uptime Monitoring and Security Scan.


$89 per month with 2 hour support time and all benefits including support for online shops.


$149 per month with 4 hour support time and all benefits including dedicated account manager and phone support.


Some users do complain about response time but in the company’s defense, they really do quality work in the end.


2- WP SitePlan

Their WordPress support plan provides full management, protection, and speed to your website.

Best known for the following WordPress maintenance services:

  • Fix Problems Fast
  • Update content instantly
  • Check for WordPress plugins that are causing problems.
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Heal your slow running WordPress, their support experts can get it up to speed quickly.
  • Ensure Security Safely
  • Their team ensures that your site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring and daily backups of database and files.

Pricing Plans


This is a $30 per month plan for static WordPress sites that require minor fixes, proactive maintenance but little to no reactive updates.


This is a $90 per month package ideal for websites that require frequent updates with lightning-fast delivery and zero downtime.

Support Pro

This is the Ultimate WordPress support plan for $200 per month. It is ideal for website managers and agencies that need priority support and a fully-managed website.

3- Situdio WP Support

Situdio is a new name, famous for providing modern measures to fix any kind of WordPress related issues.  Their team can provide professional WordPress help anywhere in the world at some amazingly low rates. Ideal for bloggers, new businesses but enterprises can also avail their services for complete 24/7 WordPress optimization, maintenance and security.

Best Known For

  • Speed Up WordPress
  • Updating Content
  • Fix WordPress Errors
  • Clean Up a Hacked Website
  • Affordable Rates
  • Training and guidance for starters and WordPress enthusiast

Pricing Plan

Individuals and Bloggers

This plan is ideal for beginners and starters who need helping hand for small WordPress fixes. Starting from just €27 this plan includes all errors fixes, theme updates, backed up site and malware removal with 1 hour support.

Small Businesses

Starting from €47 this plan includes all errors fixes, theme updates, backed up site and malware removal with 3 hour support.


Starting from €97 per month, this wholesome package is great for enterprises that need complete WordPress support. This plan includes daily backups, database backups, weekly malware scans, plugins, themes, core updates, site reviews and 5 hours support.

Visit Situdio

4- WP Buffs

WP Buffs provides 24/7 WordPress website maintenance services for serious website owners. You get website edits, bulletproof security and measures to your website to get rid of spammers, hackers, and malicious emails.

Best Known For

  • Speed optimization
  • With paid plugins like WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro, you will enjoy a fast website.
  • Close Site monitoring
  • Any bad behavior or code problems are quickly debugged and fixed before they cause any damage.

Pricing plans

Maintain Plan

Affordable plans starting at $40, your website will be fully managed for you all day, every day. They claim that even 5-min emergency response is included.

Perform Plan

Starting from $80, this plan includes 24/7 security, website speed optimization, uptime monitoring, downtime issues and secure WordPress update.

Perform Plan Pro

This is a complete WordPress solution for just $120. It includes priority support for websites with ecommerce, membership, multilingual, staging, advanced functionality and complete malware removal.


I couldn’t find any cons but some comments do mentions that they ask too many questions. I think they are just doing their job carefully.

5- WP Site Care

WP Site Care is an ideal WordPress help desk to call when you need some quick fixes. They provide to 24×7 WordPress support to their members.

Best known for:

  • Provides Cloud Backups
  • 24/7 Security
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Uptime Monitoring
  • Removal of Downtime issues  
  • Securely update WordPress content

Price Plans

Starter Plan

$79 per month includes daily cloud backups, managed core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, 24/7 security monitoring & hack cleanups and real-time activity tracking.

Pro Plan

This $299 per month plan includes all the starters’ benefits as well as hourly cloud backups, 2 development hours per month, ecommerce support, cloud proxy firewall and uptime monitoring.


Expensive and not a good site for small fixes but great for long-term maintenance.

6- Mobiteam

Mobiteam is German based company and it has the best WordPress customer service and support.

Best Known for

Provide complete and stable fixes like theme customization, migration, speed optimization, malware removal, and installation. Their WordPress maintenance services include all the essential perks you need for a healthy website.

Price Plans

You have to contact them and discuss the issue and they will get you quote. There are no monthly plans, they provide special WordPress support for each customer at affordable rates..

Users complain about slow response time by the team and they provide no money back guarantee.

7- FixMyWP

FixMyWP is famous for its unlimited WordPress support.

Best Known For

FixMyWP has the best WordPress customer service and they provide affordable WordPress maintenance services. They offer complete WordPress support at affordable rates. Their team is known to handle these issues.

Hacked WordPress

WordPress Theme Fix

WordPress Plugin Fix

Pricing Plan

FixMyWP has no monthly or yearly plans but instead, they offer quotes. All you have to do is discuss your problems with their team and get a free quote and suggestions. They offer different services for different issues for WordPress.

Some users complain they overcharge for small fixes.

8- Newt Labs

Newt Labs provides the best WordPress help. You can save time by managing your WordPress website with Newt Labs. From a small fix to monthly support, you can enjoy fast website in no time.

Best known for handling these issues

  • Speed Up WordPress
  • Fix WordPress Errors
  • Clean Up a Hacked Website

Pricing Plans


£59 per month plan is best for users who need unlimited small fixes, WordPress updates, and daily cloud backups.


£119 per month plan includes dedicated cloud hosting, SSL Cert, domain name management and Pingdom uptime monitoring.


This is a £239 per month plan for a protected WordPress. This plan includes all features like fixes, updates, Sucuri Cloud proxy Firewall and hourly cloud backups.

9- Maintainn

Do you need WordPress tech support from real people at low rates? Contact Maintainn and get your work done quickly.

Best Known For

Affiliated with Microsoft and Tim Tam they are good for providing WordPress updates, offsite backups, and security and expert support.

Pricing plans

Premium Support

For $50 you can avail 24/7 security monitoring and complete WordPress support.

Premium plus Support

For $100 per month you can gain services like 30-minute target response time, 1 bulk hour monthly, resolved update issues, content changes, technical consultation and weekly service reports.

Enterprise Support

This $150 monthly plan provides all benefits of the above plans including, project workspace setup, updates performed first in staging and 4-day client review cycle.


Some user does not seem to like their services.

10- WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is little different but reliable for quick fixes. They have developers you can trust, and a team that is known to work fast without bothering its customers with too much questions.

They are famous for providing

All WordPress, theme & plugin updates, scheduled site backups, Sucuri security monitoring & cleanup and monthly site customizations.

Pricing Plan

They offer one plan $99 per month and this plan includes all the perks you need to run a best WordPress website.


Some users complain about slow feedback.

11- WP Butler

The name does sound something a rich guy wants to have but WP Butler gives reasonable rates and best WordPress support on the Internet.

Best Known For

They are an ideal team for one time small fixes but they also offer weekly and daily plans.

Pricing Plans

Talking about affordable WordPress maintenance services, Butlers offer a different pricing plan for different fixes. Fixes include Backups, Malware Scan, Updates, and Site Reviews and Uptime monitoring. You have to select your issue and they will send you the price quotation for your specific work.


Expensive but provide quality work with guaranteed satisfaction.

12- Themelocation

Themelocation is famous for providing quality services.

Best Known For

Services like theme install and configuration, plugins install & configuration, and small fixes. If you need to enhance the beauty and sleekness of your WordPress this is the team to call.Here you can hire a dedicated HTML/PHP developer, get SSL installed or remove malware and virus.

Pricing Plan

Starter Package

For $29.00 per month you get 24/7 security monitoring, secure off-site backups weekly, theme and plugin updates and WordPress fixes.

Most Popular

$59.00 per month includes 24/7 security monitoring, secure off-site backups, weekly theme and plugin updates add-on 2 hours development

13- FixMySite


FixMySite is best known for optimization, small changes, fix errors and hack repairs.

Best Known For

They have different packages for different fixes like theme customization migration, speed optimization, malware removal, site audit, and installation. Their WordPress maintenance services include all the essential perks you need for a healthy website.

Price Plans

They offer diverse price quotation for different problems. Starting from $39 to $199, you can get any problem fixed by specialists in no time.


Users complain about slow response time by the team.

Expensive but guarantee satisfactory work.

14- WPCurve

Experts agree that with WPCurve you can imagine never having another WordPress a headache.

Best Known For

They are best to be hired when you need something cheap. Their small fixture plan known as starter package costs only $5. Many users have hired their services and they are glad they did.

Pricing plan

WPCurve offers 4 packages for WordPress maintenance services Starter ($5) Basic ($10) Deluxe ($15) and Ultimate ($25). These plans include theme maintenance, WordPress development, database management, WordPress evaluation and administrative updates.


Not a good site for small fixes but great for long-term maintenance.

Very cheap plans compared to other WordPress Maintenance Services may raise suspicion.

15- WPLift

WPLift is an experienced firm of experts to give your site a lift with the best WordPress support in the business.

Best Known For

Their WordPress maintenance services are ideal for small fixes and one-time support. You can get unlimited support and small 30 minute jobs completed whenever they are needed.

Pricing plan


Starting from $49 Per Month you can avail 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily website cloud backups, WordPress theme and plugin updates, $300 AdWords credit and one year access to


$99 Per Month includes all starters’ benefits including Unlimited WordPress fixes and Daily Website Cloud Backups.


$199 Per Month includes all above benefits including SEO recommendations, 1 free site migration, and ecommerce site support.


Good site for resolving small fixes but bad for long-term maintenance.

16- WordXpress

They are known for fast services and fixes for unique problems arises with WordPress.

Best Known For

Their team is experienced to take the hassle out of WordPress websites. Their WordPress maintenance services are unique and they provide quick fix 24/7.

Pricing plan

Their packages start from $67 to $200 per depending upon the scale of your business. Packages include Security and Backups, optimized marketing, and smooth website.


Some users complain they get no instant reply from the team.

17- WP Minder

Minders provide one-time fix of all issue as well as continued WordPress Supports and management. They offer cloud backups and 24/7 security.

Best Known For
Their team has years of experience to take the work problems out of WordPress websites. Their WordPress maintenance services are great and they provide quick fix instantly.

Pricing plan

They offer three basic plans as follows:


This cheap plan starts from $30 and provides core fixes like annual security audit, database offsite backups, plugin updates, restoration, Hack cleanup, uptime monitoring, database and spam cleanup and discounted support.

Small Business

Starting from $55 per month, this plan offers 24/7 Security Monitoring and Firewall by Sucuri and unlimited support for any task.


This package costs $100 per month and includes all the Benefits of the Small Business Plan as well as following key services

  •    Daily Full-site and Database Offsite Backups and ultimate WordPress maintenance services
  •    Monthly Personal Site Check
  •    Plugin Review and Recommendations
  •    Performance Audit
  •    1/2 Hour Support Ticket

Many users complain they get no reply from the team.

18- WP Copilot

This is the most affordable WordPress website maintenance services you can find on the internet.

Best Known For

They are a team of WordPress developers offering services like WordPress performance, WordPress security, and small fixes. They also offer a website audit and WordPress training videos for their members.

Pricing Plan

They offer a monthly membership plan starting at $50 which includes 24/7 uptime monitoring, 30 minutes of monthly support and all issues handling.

19- WP Mayday

Maydays are among famous WordPress maintenance services for their cool security plans.

Best Known For

They offer full cleanup and 24/7 protection from malware. Their experienced support team will get the most out of your website in no time. Their WordPress technical support services include Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes.

Pricing Plan

Other than special work for quick fixes which has different prices, their basic plan starts from $50. This plan provides Daily backups of your WordPress themes, plugins, uploads, and Malware & Virus Monitoring.


The cheap plan may make some user suspicious of their services.

They provide no money back guarantee.


This was the list of best WordPress maintenance services, but it is not ranked from top to bottom. All services are different and have their different expertise and price plans. You have to choose the one which suits you best. The best way to choose a plan is by visiting their websites and talking with their customer support.  For a quick fix of your problem, I will suggest visiting Studio and checking out their plan and features. Studio’s team is known for being polite and friendly and experience enough to detect any flaw in your system. They are highly affordable, assure customer satisfaction and provides money back guarantee.


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