Author: Hooman Hasani

10 Optometry Marketing Ideas For A Successful Business

Before we share some secrets of optometry marketing ideas let’s see what other think of optometry, the business of eyes. Surely it is an evergreen business which is never out of fashion.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “vision problems tend to occur more frequently later in life, an aging population will require more optometrists as it grows”. Furthermore, no business is a good business if it doesn’t have a marketing plan. In this era when everything is on the internet, without online basics, your business is not going to succeed. Online Vs. Real Life Same goes for your...

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20 Best Optometry Websites That Keep The Audience Engaged

Arguing the importance of a website in this time and age is like arguing the importance of all our limbs and what would happen if a couple of them would have been ripped off. Earlier we told you about 13 things that every optometry website needs. Now, it’s time that we delve into the various others aspect of an optometry website that can have an impact on your business in the grand scheme of things. Do you want to have one of the best optometry websites in comparison with your competitors? If so, then it would be high time...

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Optometry Website Design: 13 Things Every Optometry Website Needs

In this time and age, people no longer refer to the Yellow Pages or to newspapers when they need to look for a business that could help them with whatever sort of help that they need. Whether they need a service to come clean their house, drive them places or even pick up their groceries for them, they do not go around asking people for businesses providing that service, they look it up online and choose from the various options listed online. Thus, if anyone wants their business to survive and eventually thrive in this digital age, the best...

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